We Can Justify Anything!

We Can Justify Anything! Hot

Blog Jul 25, 2016 0

We Can Justify Anything! As human beings we have this amazing talent – WE CAN JUSTIFY ANYTHING – and...
Upgrade Your Leadership Skills in Practice
Upgrade Your Leadership Skills in Practice No matter how big your company or department you’re in charge of is,...

Aging As We Have Come To Know
Is About To Change

So the question is no longer “How long will you live?”
The question now is “How WELL will you live your additional years?

Frank Moffatt is a lightning rod of passion and is on a mission to inspire others to live to the fullest. Frank’s words come crackling off the page in his new book, “Your Second Fifty” — and it is what is needed when it comes to direction and guidance for those who want to make the best of the rest of their lives.
Kelly Sullivan Walden, “Doctor Dream”- Bestselling author, It’s All In Your Dreams

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