Aug 9 – BIG NEWS – REALLY BIG NEWS!!! OK first off I want you to know that in today’s newsletter I may challenge... Aug 9 – BIG NEWS – REALLY BIG NEWS!!!


OK first off I want you to know that in today’s newsletter I may challenge some of your beliefs. AND we all know no one likes to have their beliefs challenged, BUT I assure you everything I write in today’s newsletter is 100% true as of the time of this writing. WHY do I say “As of the time of this writing.” Things change! Cigarettes were good for you in the 50’s – now they are proven to cause cancer, and then there was the discussion on eggs. For over 30 years eggs had been labeled bad for you, now new science has proven that eggs once again are good for you. So things change – change is the only constant we have in life!

So where am I going here. Prior to driving down to see my sons in Nashville in May, I had the opportunity to watch the movie The Truth About Cancer. Naturally like everyone else that watches the movie I was pissed to find our what a charade the Cancer Industry was. How I remained so blind for so long – either shows me how good the cancer industry marketers are at applying smoke and mirrors, or how naïve I really am.

Now I get it – if they did find a cure for cancer it would spell the end of a multibillion-dollar industry in U.S. alone, and millions of people would be put out of work.

In 2012, the reported spending on cancer treatment was 124.6 billion dollars.

WHAT!!!! “Come on Frank they wouldn’t sacrifice lives for money!” I’m not saying that they are sacrificing lives. I’m saying the mandate of a Pharmaceutical company is to make money – not to discover cures; cures don’t sell drugs – the mandate is to sell more drugs.

So I decided I was going to petition the government, and demand that they spend money on natural cures for cancer and other diseases. You see today it costs about one-billion dollars to get a new drug passed (Duke University Study), and because you can’t patent natural plants or minerals, pharmaceutical companies aren’t going to throw away a billion dollars. So it would need to be our tax dollars to cover that cost and to keep us healthy.

Back to the petition – the next step was to contact a couple of high profile lawyer buddies of mine and ask how to go about building this petition so that it would actually make it to the floor of the house of commons. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS!!!!!

When I spoke to each of them they both told me “Be careful, people that do this stuff mysteriously disappear.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! This isn’t James Bond, this is seeking the truth, caring about real people. People like my mom and my dad, so that we can reduce their suffering and give them back a healthy life. AND they are telling me to back off, BECAUSE I might disappear?

Let me divert for a moment to add a little substance to my lawyer buddies comments. Last week I watched the movie Jason Bourne. OK it was ridiculously violent, but it’s what I saw in the movie beyond all the shooting, and punching, and car smashing that really caught my eye. They had these cameras that focused in on people, and then computers immediately scanned through passport and drivers license photos to pull up all the info on that person. It happened in the blink of an eye, hundreds of people, and these cameras only needed to see the side of a person’s head and then they amazingly pulled the face to a frontal view, and bingo they had them. I thought wow that’s freaky. It’s amazing what these guys come up with for the movies.

WELL – truth be told – these movies are actually pulling from reality. The US government has been running these cameras in LA, since at least 2007 – the program is called Trapwire, and the hackers and journalists that exposed it are now in prison. THAT’S RIGHT – PRISON – for letting people know that the government was infringing upon their civil rights! Today I believe Trapwire is operating in every high profile location in the US – so smile you are definitely on candid camera. They can even tap right into your camera on your home computer. This isn’t SCIFI – this is reality. Governments have their agendas’, and their agendas go way beyond what you and I innocently believe is in our best interests. So I took my lawyer buddies advice and I backed off – So NO Petition.

For those you getting caught up thinking conspiracy theory – know that in 1967, the CIA wrote a dispatch, which coined the term “conspiracy theories”. This term was created to distract the general public, from looking to deeply into the underhanded work, and dealings the agency was conducting around the world. It’s amazing how many “conspiracy theories” that not in a million years would we have believed at the time have been proven true. 33 Conspiracy Theories Proven True So just know I did need to make a better choice – BECAUSE we all needed this option for cancer.

So I won’t be swimming upstream BUT I decided to keep swimming!    

So today’s BIG announcement is that in place of the petition I will be creating the Natural Options for Cancer Directory. Why? One out of every two people will be affected by cancer and while Chemo, radiation… works for some people, other people need natural options, and they will NOT get these options from pharmaceutical companies, or governments that have put laws in place to protect the pharmaceutical companies. These laws prevent any natural alternatives from being labeled a cure. Without that label most people are fearful to try anything other than the status quo. Website will go live within the next two weeks:



What I plan to build with this directory is a one-stop location where people can find links to every bit of information they need to know about a specific strain of cancer, and the natural options they have for eliminating it. I will attempt to collect URL’s from every website promoting natural options for cancer. That said, this is not a site that proclaims cancer cures. People can read the testimonials, watch the videos, and determine if the options presented are a good fit for them. This will be a site that will make it easier for those diagnosed with cancer to hopefully find additional information for what they are looking for fast!

We will not promote pharmaceutical companies, nor will we promote conventional cancer treatments like Chemo or radiation. When people are diagnosed with cancer, doctors, and oncologists are legally bound to provide their patients with conventional information, and they are not allowed to prescribe natural options. So we will provide you with places to go to find those natural options.

If you wish to support this directory we have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to cover the operation of this site. To make a donation click on the link below:

If you know of people that have eliminated their cancer naturally we would love for them to provide their testimonials. People that have used a combination of traditional treatments (Chemo & radiation), plus natural supplementation may also provide testimonials. That said, people providing testimonials must now be 100% cancer free.

Once the website is up there will be a form to submit testimonials. If you have a testimonial and you would be willing to have us preload it on the directory please send us an email to with the information below.


First Name: _________________________ Last Name (optional) ____________________________

City Living Now: __________________________________________________________________________

Cancer Diagnosis (Type): ________________________________________________________________

Stage Diagnosed: Stage #1 _______, Stage #2 ______, Stage #3 ______, Stage #4 ______

Cancer Free To Date: Years ______________, Months ______________

Clinic or Natural Option(s) Selected: ___________________________________________________


Supplements and/or Natural Products Taken:




Daily Routine:




Side Affects and Reactions:




I am willing to be contacted by email? (If yes they need to give their email.)





Wishing you an amazing second fifty!

Keep smiling!



Frank Moffatt
Your Second Fifty & Play at Creation

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