July 20 – Government Programs That Support Us All!
July 20 – Government Programs That Support Us All! There aren’t any! That’s why I didn’t send a newsletter yesterday! So why don’t governments... July 20 – Government Programs That Support Us All!

July 20 – Government Programs That Support Us All!

There aren’t any! That’s why I didn’t send a newsletter yesterday!

So why don’t governments support “THE PEOPLE”, because governments support the lobbyists – OK enough of that – I’m not going to talk about governments – it’ll just ruin my day!

So what can we talk about?

Let’s talk about creativity! Because that’s something that’s within our control, and because there isn’t a person alive that doesn’t have the ability to be creative.

Don’t believe me just watch a mother. SERIOUSLY!

When I was a little guy we were so poor that a treat for our family was tuna melts on grocery nights (paydays). NOW I’m not complaining – I‘m actually reliving this moment as I write it, and my heart is pouring out love for my mom!

Again tuna melts were every second Friday, but the real creativity happened during the week. For example: she would buy a huge box of macaroni and for dinner on Monday we would have macaroni with a bit of grated cheddar cheese. On Tuesday we would have macaroni with ketchup. On Wednesday we would have macaroni with hamburger mixed in it and on Thursday we would have macaroni with mushroom soup…

For lunches we would have a sandwich – on Monday it would be Peanut Butter with lettuce, on Tuesday it was Peanut Butter with Jelly, on Wednesday is was Peanut Butter with dill pickles, and on Thursday it was just straight up Peanut Butter (we called them roof hangers, because they would get stuck to the roof of our mouths.)

She was creative, and she was a survivor!

Stay with me here – because where I’m really going is that as human beings we adapt, and it takes creativity to adapt, and that creativity is alive and well within each of us. Problem is that in most cases we adapt down rather than adapting up – WHY – because it’s easier. Now I’m not saying it’s bad – if you choose to adapt down great, but don’t just adapt down because you think you had to – THAT WAS A CHOICE.

Example: Someone loses a job so they focus on what they have lost, they get creative and reduce their expenses, they get creative and choose a lifestyle that doesn’t require spending much money, and they get creative and start looking for ways to basically survive. Yes they survive – BUT – at the same time they chose to give up on their right to thrive.

It is your right to thrive, BUT – the key again is do you really want to? Are you really willing to give that extra effort in one way or another to actually thrive!

From my point of view the key is to look at your life – figure out exactly what you need – and then decide whatever else it is that you – WANT – to add into your life – that you believe will make you happy, that will improve your lifestyle. Don’t worry about surviving, you will survive that’s a given, at least until you decide to check out.

BUT it all comes down to the numbers – what number do you need to survive, and what number do you need to thrive.

Because whatever number you’ve actually committed to – consciously or subconscious – is exactly where you are at today, and it’s exactly where you will be tomorrow, next week, next year.

If you are OK with it – stick with it, your creativity is holding you on course.

If you are unhappy – change it – if you don’t know how to change it – seek out a coach – BUT before you do commit to the creativity it takes to change!

Next week let’s talk about my new project!

Wishing you an amazing Second Fifty!

Keep smiling!


Founder Your Second Fifty

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