June 28 – The Problem With Over Thinking!
June 28 – The Problem With Over Thinking! If you don’t think this is a big problem – THINK AGAIN!! haha Am I going... June 28 – The Problem With Over Thinking!

June 28 – The Problem With Over Thinking!

If you don’t think this is a big problem – THINK AGAIN!! haha

Am I going to blame the news and marketers for this one as well – YOU BET!”

BUT – it doesn’t have to stay that way. Sure it sucks when we make a mistake, but it sucks even more when nothing happens in life and everything remains the same.

I remember when my boys were shooting the video for their mega smash “Miss You Like Crazy”. Two of the ladies from the record label arrived from Germany, and they went to the grocery store in Miami, FL to buy some blue berries for their breakfast. They came home empty handed. I asked, “Didn’t they have any?” They replied, yes but they had seven kinds, so they didn’t know which one to pick. So they didn’t buy any. That was in 1997. Can you image now…

So back to the stinkin, thinkin problem. Psychologist Barry Schwartz coined the phrase “Paradox of Choice” to describe his findings that, while the opportunity for increased choice allows us to achieve better results; it also leads to a lot greater anxiety, indecision, paralysis, and overall dissatisfaction.

You see, rather than empowering us to make better choices, this virtually unlimited access to infinite information leads us in most cases to greater fear of making that wrong decision. Which in turn fires up our justification for procrastination in a seemingly inescapable realm of analysis paralysis, which in the end pretty much puts a halt to making important decisions, and completing important projects. To help you over this hurdle marketers and the news add fear – oh wait maybe they are good guy!!!!

Still not buying in to the idea that over thinking is a huge issue – search Google and you will find that “analysis paralysis” pulls up no less than 3,800,000 related results.

So what are you going to do about it?

Well you could put your head in the sand – Or you could start making a few snap decisions to see how thy impact your life, and if you are still alive the next day …


  • You could intentionally reduce the volume of information you take in prior to making a decision.
  • You could set a deadline and make sure you stay accountable.
  • You could remain focused on the task at hand to ensure you accomplish your main objective.
  • You could get out of your own head and talk it over with someone you don’t know that well. If you keep talking to yourself or the same people all the time – NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Of course if you want to grow you need to be willing to hear what the other person has to say and squash all those rapid-fire excuses that didn’t work in the first place anyway!
  • You could look at your challenge with an iterative mindset. Take action and adjust as you move forward. Even the best-laid plans will require adaptation.
  • You could simply start before you feel you are ready. Jump in the fire and feel the excitement of things happening!
  • You could make your decision THE RIGHT ONE and remain convicted to holding the course as you move forward.

Hey it’s your second fifty – the first half for the most part was easy when it came to decisions. They were made for us. Go to school, get a job, get a car, get a guy or a girl, get some kids, get a house, get them through college, get retired (For Baby-Boomers – take care of our parents) AND THEN WHAT THE …

Well I’m here to tell you don’t over think this.

  • Find your purpose – you need that to propel your self through your second fifty. It’s not hard – but it does take action!
  • Look for a purpose greater than self. Who can you help, even in the simplest of ways? What you give is what you get!
  • Socialize and stay active mentally, physically, and spiritually.

If you do that – I guarantee you that your days will be full and rewarding.

Next week let’s look at finances – the difference between what you want, what you need and all the pain created in the middle!

Wishing you an amazing Second Fifty!

Keep smiling!



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