What is Your Purpose?
What is Your Purpose? Nearly every day I’m asked by someone “How do I find my purpose in life?” I think why this question is so difficult to answer is that most of us think that our purpose needs to be super impressive, grandeur in status, and too be... Read more
I’ll Stop Procrastinating Tomorrow
“I’ll stop procrastinating tomorrow.” Some of us hit the ground running in the morning and dive headfirst into a busy day, accomplishing, overachieving, burning through tasks like there’s no tomorrow (and if there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow, frankly I’d just as soon not work my backside off... Read more
Prioritise Your Life. And Re-prioritise Daily.
Prioritise your life. And re-prioritise daily. It’s easy to get caught up in the urgent and immediate tasks that come up at home or at work. There are deadlines everywhere, a pressing need to do this or that and it can all get to be too much. When we... Read more
Did You Know That Non-formal Education Can make You A Better Entrepreneur?
Did you know that non-formal education can make you a better entrepreneur? Before setting out to explore the benefits that could be brought about by non-formal education, we need to make sure we’re familiar with the distinction between three types of education/learning. The notion of learning usually triggers an... Read more
Rest: Essential for Body, Mind and Spirit
Rest: Essential for Body, Mind and Spirit It’s easy to keep pushing through life, doing, doing, doing no matter how tired we are. I’ve been as bad as anyone for that at time. Habit, I reckon, from many years as a single parent when there were things that just... Read more
The Benefits Of Working Together After 50
The Benefits Of Working Together After 50 I’m not really a conspiracy type of guy, but I am confused with the way we have been conditioned to behave, certainly as of late. By that I mean this behavioural trait of individual separation vs collective synergy. Every day I hear that silly... Read more
Upgrade Your Leadership Skills in Practice
Upgrade Your Leadership Skills in Practice No matter how big your company or department you’re in charge of is, the fact that you have to work with people towards achieving the set goals remains both one of the greatest challenges and opportunities. There are many factors that influence employees’... Read more
Friends: Your Own Personal Cheerleaders
Friends: Your Own Personal Cheerleaders For many of us, the notion of trying something new is a really big, scary prospect and not everyone is up for the challenge. For those of us who are brave enough to dive in and give it a shot, it’s natural to be... Read more
Yours Is The Only Journey With Which You Need To Be Concerned
Yours is the only journey with which you need to be concerned. Are you frustrated with where you are in your life? Are you beating yourself up because you aren’t in as great a position as others, or as you’d hoped you would be? Do you find yourself comparing... Read more
If Your Words Are Not Helpful, Keep Them to Yourself
If Your Words Are Not Helpful, Keep Them to Yourself I really can’t stand negative and fearful talk. I don’t see any point in it. What good can possibly come from that? None. But it can cause a whole lot of damage. I’ve known a few people like that... Read more