We Can Justify Anything!
We Can Justify Anything! As human beings we have this amazing talent – WE CAN JUSTIFY ANYTHING – and we can support our justification with a million reasons why, and they will all make perfect sense to “US”! BUT are they really true or do we just believe they... Read more
It’s Time To Play!
It’s Time To Play! Now I don’t mean, to shuck all your responsibilities, and just live a life focused 100% on satisfying your every desire. I mean to find something to do, that you’ve always wanted to do – look at how it can improve your life, and how... Read more
Transparency – It’s Our Right!
Transparency – It’s Our Right! A couple of years ago I received an anonymous email and in that email it said, 2014 is the year of transparency – the year that the world would begin shedding light on all the corruption and injustice happening around us. Well transparency has... Read more
Are You Worth It?
Are You Worth It? You think I’m joking? I’m willing to bet that most people – at least 95% of all people don’t behave as if they are worth it. Sure they might be able to put a dollar number on their efforts – BUT – are they really... Read more
Finding Your True Self-Value!
Finding Your True Self-Value! The problem with today’s society and to be honest many societies of years past, is that individually we feel that our personal value stems from what we have, what we are capable of doing, and possibly most importantly, what others think of us. Well there... Read more
What is Your Purpose?
What is Your Purpose? Nearly every day I’m asked by someone “How do I find my purpose in life?” I think why this question is so difficult to answer is that most of us think that our purpose needs to be super impressive, grandeur in status, and too be... Read more
What The Hell Is Wrong Here?
What The Hell Is Wrong Here? You know I’m so sick and tired of all the greed and BS that places human life as a secondary thought, that I’m becoming so disillusioned with society that I’m nearly ready to head to some deserted island, burn my passport and live... Read more
Are You Ready To Get Honest – I Mean Really Honest?
Are You Ready To Get Honest – I Mean Really Honest? A few years back I decided to get honest and I mean really honest! Now I’m sure many of you reading this are saying to yourselves, “What?” Why were you dishonest? After all, most of you think you’re... Read more
The Benefits Of Working Together After 50
The Benefits Of Working Together After 50 I’m not really a conspiracy type of guy, but I am confused with the way we have been conditioned to behave, certainly as of late. By that I mean this behavioural trait of individual separation vs collective synergy. Every day I hear that silly... Read more
The Importance Of Flexibility As We Age
The Importance Of Flexibility As We Age When I hear that someone’s grandparent has become stubborn, I’m not sure I ever believe it. You see I’m pretty sure that person has been stubborn their entire life, it’s just that now we can use the excuse of age to allow... Read more