White Sugar Is Toxic – End of the Story or is IT!!!
White Sugar Is Toxic – End of the Story or is it! BUT you put it in your coffee, you put it on your cereal... White Sugar Is Toxic – End of the Story or is IT!!!

White Sugar Is Toxic – End of the Story or is it!

BUT you put it in your coffee, you put it on your cereal – YOU GIVE IT TO YOUR KIDS!!! It’s in pretty much everything we eat. It has a million names – OK not a million but a lot, and it is in one way or another killing you – BUT EVERYONE EATS IT!

So it can’t be that bad!!!


Other Names for Sugar

1. Anhydrous dextrose 2. Agave 3. Agave nectar 4. Beet sugar 5. Brown sugar (light and dark brown) 6. Cane juice 7. Cane juice solids 8. Cane sugar 9. Cane syrup 10. Carob syrup 11. Caster sugar 12. Coconut sugar 13. Confectioners’ sugar 14. Corn syrup 15. Corn syrup solids 16. Crystalline fructose 17. Date sugar
18. Demerara sugar 19. Dextran 20. Dextrose 21. Dehydrated cane juice 22. Evaporated cane juice 23. Evaporated cane syrup 24. Evaporated sugar cane
25. Fructose 26. Fructose crystals 27. Fruit juice crystals 28. Fruit juice concentrate 29. Glazing sugar  30. Glucose 31. Glucose syrup 32. Golden sugar 33. Golden syrup 34. Granulated sugar 35. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) 36. Honey 37. Icing sugar 38. Invert sugar 39. Invert syrup 40. King’s syrup 41. Lactose 42. Maple syrup 43. Maple sugar 44. Maltose 45. Malt sugar  46. Malt syrup 47. Molasses 48. Muscovado 49. Nectar 50. Pancake syrup 51. Panocha 52. Powdered sugar 53. Raw sugar 54. Refiners’ syrup 55. Sorghum 56. Sorghum syrup 57. Sucanat 58. Sucrose 59. Sugar 60. Superfine sugar 61. Table sugar 62. Treacle 63. Turbinado sugar 64. White sugar 65. Yellow sugar (Thanks to http://www.eatingwell.com/blogs/health_blog/other_names_for_sugar)

Artifical Sugar Substitutes

Aspartame, Nutrinova, Advantame, Alitame, NutraSweet, Equal, Twinsweet, Sodium cyclamate, Dulcin, Glucin, Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone, Neotame, P-4000, Sweet’N Low, Saccharin, Sucralose, Kaltame, Splenda (Thanks to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_substitute)

Natural Sugar Substitutes

Brazzein, Curculin, Erythritol, Glycyrrhizin, Glycerol, Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates, Inulin, Isomalt, Lactitol, Mogroside, Mabinlin,. Maltitol, Malto-oligosaccharide, Mannitol, Miraculin, Monatin, Monellin, Osladin, Pentadin, Sorbitol, Stevia, Tagatose, Thaumatin, Xylitol (Thanks to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_substitute)


So who has our back, and who is protecting us from all these toxic substances we are putting into our body daily – (BY THE WAY – WHITE SUGAR IS THE IDEAL CANCER FEEDING FOOD ALONG WITH WHITE FLOUR)

Well that would be the FDA in the US – CFIA in Canada – MHRA in the UK, TGA in Australia …

So here’s what the FDA considers its responsibility:

FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.Dec 7, 2015. What We Do – FDA www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/WhatWeDo/


I think they should say they protect big corporations to ensure those areas of the economy continue to grow and thrive financially. Ensuring the safety of our health and wellness is a secondary by product! After all we have no shortage of people – BUT – jobs well that can be a serious challenge!

In any case I’m not going to leave you hanging – HERE ARE SOME HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES FOR SUGAR – Agave Syrup, Maple Syrup, Molasses, Honey, and Lo Han.

OK that’s my rant – now let’s cut to the facts and why white sugar – or any man made refined sugar for that matter is toxic to your system. Read on …..


Why Sugar Is Toxic To The Body

Article Written by William Dufty

In 1957, Dr. William Coda Martin tried to answer the question: When is a food a food and when is it a poison? His working definition of “poison” was: “Medically: Any substance applied to the body, ingested or developed within the body, which causes or may cause disease. Physically: Any substance which inhibits the activity of a catalyst which is a minor substance, chemical or enzyme that activates a reaction.”1 The dictionary gives an even broader definition for “poison”: “to exert a harmful influence on, or to pervert”.

Refined Sugar

Dr. Martin classified refined sugar as a poison because it has been depleted of its life forces, vitamins and minerals. “What is left consists of pure, refined carbohydrates. The body cannot utilize this refined starch and carbohydrate unless the depleted proteins, vitamins and minerals are present. Nature supplies these elements in each plant in quantities sufficient to metabolize the carbohydrate in that particular plant. There is no excess for other added carbohydrates. Incomplete carbohydrate metabolism results in the formation of ‘toxic metabolite’ such as pyruvic acid and abnormal sugars containing five carbon atoms. Pyruvic acid accumulates in the brain and nervous system and the abnormal sugars in the red blood cells. These toxic metabolites interfere with the respiration of the cells. They cannot get sufficient oxygen to survive and function normally. In time, some of the cells die. This interferes with the function of a part of the body and is the beginning of degenerative disease.”2

Refined sugar is lethal when ingested by humans because it provides only that which nutritionists describe as “empty” or “naked” calories. It lacks the natural minerals which are present in the sugar beet or cane.

In addition…

To read the rest of this article please read below:

Why Sugar Is Toxic To The Body


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