About YSF

Life presents opportunity, for every person, regardless of age.
Frank Moffatt Founder ~ CEO, Your Second Fifty


About Your Second Fifty

Your Second Fifty (YSF) is the home of Inspirational Education to improve and enhance the lives of those in their Your Second Fifty!

The YSF community was created to inspire people over 50 to live their lives with Purpose and Passion – Positively and Productively and to create a safe environment where people can eliminate limiting beliefs that are affecting healthy aging within our five dimensions: mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual.

YSF is a leading source for online education through books, film, and online courses.


YSF Documentaries

FINDING FREEDOM in Your Second Fifty is an inspiring 30 minute documentary, that after watching will ignite your fire for Your Second Fifty. You will understand the dangers of limiting beliefs, how we attain them and how we can remove them and live an amazingly positive, productive, happy, and healthy second fifty!    

Your Second Fifty ~ Rising Above the Fears of Aging is an hour and a half, full length, feature film that goes into greater detail on each of your five dimensions. Jam packed with valuable information we recommend you watch this film over two seatings.  


YSF Books

Your Second Fifty ~ Rising Above the Myths of Aging is an exciting and informative guide to living the second fifty years of your life, passionately, positively and productively. In Your Second Fifty, Frank Moffatt tackles self-limiting beliefs and dispels unhealthy myths about aging. Let Frank be your guide as he shows you how to make the most of your remaining years, and experience an ideal balance in your five dimensions – mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual. YSF is a growing, vibrant community – committed to truth, education and self-improvement. Join us on this journey through our most exciting years!

Keep Calm and Age On is a pleasant book filled with 50 inspiration Frank Moffatt quotes, certain to put a smile on your face and add some warmth in your heart.

The Path to Happiness is a simple yet effective guide to finding internal peace and happiness. If there is one thing all human beings have in common it’s the search for happiness, the opportunity to escape for the continuous deluge of pain that seems to arrive daily. Yet why does this unhappiness seem to affect some more than others? Frank Moffatt shares his insight through 9 steps, that if followed are guaranteed to improve the quality of your life. While it’s never completely possible to remain in a happy state it is possible to apply these techniques and shift yourself from a negative state to a positive state and ultimately into a state of happiness.

Forgive Me is a provoking and informative guide on parenting. Most parents manage from the seat of their pants and implement what they observed to get them through the day – right or wrong! In Forgive Me, Frank guides us through the use of principles when parenting and how by applying these principles not only do we become better parents, but our children learn how to make positive choices when confronted with difficult decisions. Forgive Me, teaching parents and children alike how to master the skills necessary to function and succeed in our rapidly changing society.