Finding Your True Self-Value!
Finding Your True Self-Value! The problem with today’s society and to be honest many societies of years past, is that individually we feel that... Finding Your True Self-Value!

Finding Your True Self-Value!

The problem with today’s society and to be honest many societies of years past, is that individually we feel that our personal value stems from what we have, what we are capable of doing, and possibly most importantly, what others think of us.

Well there is a solution to this problem and that solution is 100% within your control, self-value doesn’t hinge on anything but your choice.

So here ya go: Do the very best YOU can do, at everything YOU do,

Now I’m sure many of you are saying that you are doing the best you can with whatever means you have available to you. Well that may very well be true to you, BUT – that answer stems from an external based results – not an internal based results.

So where am I coming from here? Let me explain.

How can one person working on an assembly line be completely engaged with their job, happy and joyous to be there, while the next worker down the line just can’t wait for the quitting time bell to ring so they can get away from this job they detest.

It’s not the job that is ever the problem – the problem stems from our internal focus and commitment to do the very best we can at whatever we are doing.

Think back, have you ever had a day just race by and before you knew it the day had passed? I’m sure you have. So why did that happen? Simply you were deeply engrossed in what you were doing.

Now I can hear some of you saying, “It’s not me my job sucks”, or “My job is boring!” how can anyone become engaged in a job like that?

Well you can, but it’s a choice you need to make. You will need to decide to go deeper into what your job provides and to whom your efforts will serve.

Back to the assembly line: Worker Happy takes great pride in the part or piece she adds to the product as it passes by her station. She cares about the alignment and the functionality of her part or piece. She provides herself with a pat on the back, because when the end product is inspected the part she added passes and she has little if no comebacks! She also looks at the big picture and she doesn’t want the end user to have to return the product – not only because of the financial effect it has on her company, but because of the hassle and frustration a job poorly done may cause the end user. To summarize Worker Happy focuses on doing a good job, because she has the wisdom to realize that by doing the best she can do, she will have done her part in creating the perfect win/win/win solution. She will feel good about her efforts, her employer will feel good, because the product will be well received by the consumer and profits will continue to rise, and the end user will feel good, because the product they invested their hard earned money on is providing them with the reward that had hoped for.

As for Worker Unhappy, he is not focused on the task at hand; his focus is on external attachments and what he wants, and what he believes he needs to have in order to live a happy life. When the product passes his station, he is consumed by external thoughts, not the task at hand, and to say the least his efforts are hit and miss. These efforts lead to the additional frustration of having quality control send back his products that were poorly assembled. To which he complains that quality control is against him, and picking on him, because they don’t send products back to Worker Happy. Because he doesn’t take ownership for what he has done, he can’t fix it and the cycle continues. He is now trapped in the game of blame and complain, and his entire focus is centered around poor him, and his focus in on how can he get away from this job and all the pain this job is causing him.

Now I’m not saying the world is black and white and that Worker Happy is always happy and that Worker Unhappy is always unhappy, but I think you get the point – focus on the now and give whatever you are doing your undivided attention and best efforts and you will without question increase your happy days.

That’s great – BUT – how do I focus and escape from my monkey mind? Meditation!

You need to know that YOU are the master of your thoughts, and not the other way around.

When you learn to meditate it will take practice and effort, it may come easy to you or it may pose a significant challenge, but in the end you will regain control of your mind, and I can honestly guarantee you that what you will sow, you will reap.

Be aware of all of your actions – and by all means be kind and forgive yourself when you stumble along the road to happiness!


Frank Moffatt is the Founder and CEO of Your Second Fifty. An online educational community that provides inspirational educational through books, films, and online courses for those in their second fifty.