July 5th – New Technology – Making Our World a Better Place – At Least in Some Cases!
July 5th – New Technology – Making Our World a Better Place – At Least in Some Cases! OK – First off let me... July 5th – New Technology – Making Our World a Better Place – At Least in Some Cases!

July 5th – New Technology – Making Our World a Better Place – At Least in Some Cases!

OK – First off let me say how much I hate Social Media – yes I participate – because it’s a necessary evil when you run a business, but really are young people’s lives so mundane they need to keep their noses stuck in their phones 24/7?

Get on bus, or a subway and 99 out of a 100 people are glued to their phone. OK I’m the one being entertained by the 99 haha.

But let’s take a look at some really cool technology that is definitely making the world a better place. Roku Diamonds for example. No I don’t sell them – but I like what they are doing! So first let me tell you why!

Here’s a little excerpt from at article in Waking Times:


When Ignorance Isn’t Bliss: The Truth About the Diamond Industry

By WakingTimes February 13, 2016 (Click link to left for full article)

After the world was exposed the blood diamonds in the industry in the 1990s, they had to respond. Not because they cared, but because they feared that consumers would protest. They implemented the Kimberly Process in 2003 which is a system of certifications in which jewelers are able to validate their diamonds are “non conflict diamonds.”

But there are a few problems with this process.

First, it does not allow for third-party reviews. It is all done internally by the same industry that has been corrupt for the past 125 years. The industry self-regulation is also voluntary with no provisions for audits. Also, there are more than 180,000 diamond diggers that are not licensed and it is impossible to know where the diamonds are coming from unless an inspector is physically at every site.

A documentary shows a couple journalists who followed the trail of blood diamonds coming from UNITA in Angola. They are smuggled into neighboring Zambia in which diamond retailers from around the world are purchasing diamonds – in which they know are blood diamonds. From there, the journalists purchase diamonds before going to the capital city. Here, they easily obtain a license to export diamonds – despite the fact that Zambia does not produce diamonds. Then they go to Johannesburg, South Africa, and pass through customs with their “legal” documents. They arrive in Belgium and are able to legally sell their diamonds to the world marketplace as exported from a nation that does not produce diamonds. And nobody blinks an eye.

The diamond cartel likes to pretend that all is fine now that they have got the blood diamonds under control. But, there are still millions of lives destroyed throughout Africa in which restoration has never been offered. (For more watch the following video with Mr. Alex Yearsley)

Now I’m not buying a word De Beers says that they have blood free diamonds. I personally think any company that put profit above millions of lives is disgusting, and I would never buy a diamond sold by De Beers. Good news is that if you want real diamonds – Canada now mines some of the finest diamonds in the world and there’s no blood on those stones.

But back to Roku Diamonds – who cares if the diamond is real? If your identity is based upon the size of a rock you might need to do some personal work in other areas. And if the strength of your relationship is based upon the strength of a rock – that doesn’t sound so good either.

In any case a Roku Diamond identically replicates the physical and optical properties of a mined diamond – the difference – they’re made in a lab and not tainted with slavery or human loss of life.

BUT BEST OF ALL — you don’t pay huge mark ups, which in many cases can be as high as 500% for these blood diamonds. Five hundred times more than something is worth, and someone is either working in horrific conditions or may have even died attaining it! REALLY!!!!!

OK so that’s my rant this week – now you are probably wondering what’s this got to do with people over 50. I’ll tell you people over 50 control 42% of every dollar. So if we quit buying diamonds – you can bet your bottom dollar things will change.

When we were young we had the voice that changed the world. We still have that voice, and now it can be a lot louder. If we say no to companies that don’t have the world’s best interest at heart!

Next Week – no idea – not even sure if I wrote about what I was supposed to write about this week!! Haha!

Wishing you an amazing Second Fifty!


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