We Can Justify Anything!
We Can Justify Anything! As human beings we have this amazing talent – WE CAN JUSTIFY ANYTHING – and we can support our justification... We Can Justify Anything!

We Can Justify Anything!

As human beings we have this amazing talent – WE CAN JUSTIFY ANYTHING – and we can support our justification with a million reasons why, and they will all make perfect sense to “US”!

BUT are they really true or do we just believe they are true?

Which leads me to this point – Is lying BAD?

I think not – OH wait a minute – I think so – OH wait a minute – I think not …

Lying is neither a good nor a bad behavior – lying is human behavior that we justify based upon our beliefs, wants and needs. Problem is that we lie most often to ourselves. Especially when we are defending our beliefs.

Which leads me to the point – are beliefs BAD?

A belief is neither good nor bad – but what a belief does do is define who you think you are – based upon what you or someone else has told you.

If you were born in Kabul to Islamic parents and adopted by a Christian family in Rome, are you Islamic or Christian. Truth be told you are neither – BUT – once you are old enough to follow in most cases you take on the beliefs of your parents. Until you are old enough to choose and then you may formulate your own belief and choose to follow Buddhism, Hinduism, or nothing at all. Really this all about what you choose, based upon your belief why – I doubt God really cares which of the above you choose!

So are you a bad person if you change your belief? Of course not – you aren’t the belief, you may have defined yourself by this belief, but again it’s only a belief.

So let’s take this to the next level. If you are born in a small rice village in Java, Indonesia, or Luzon in the Philippines to parents with very little education you may believe you are poor. But are you poor? Again that’s a belief, but if you buy into that belief you will remain in that environment and maintain that belief, because that’s what you believe.

Not saying it’s bad – not saying it’s good!

I’m just saying where you are – who you believe you are – are all results of your beliefs, and because a belief is NOT REAL – until YOU make it real. You can change any belief and when you do – you need to know that YOU ARE NOT BAD – nor will you be good – you’ll simply be changing a belief!

Bottom line you have one life to live – if you are suffering – CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS – there are better ones out – ones you can make up yourself. Just make sure when you do change your belief it causes as little harm as possible to others.


Frank Moffatt is the Founder of Your Second Fifty. An online educational community that provides inspirational educational through books, films, and online courses for those in their second fifty.


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