Eye Power – Barry Auchettl
Eye Power $59.00 $49.00 Your Teacher: Barry Auchettl Imagine The Freedom! Free yourself of the many inconveniences of your contacts and glasses … and truly explore life, work, play and your vision of life. 100% Guaranteed To Work For YOU! What you will receive: In this 10 day vision improvement program,... Read more
Living Nutrition – David Wolfe
Living Nutrition E-Course $49.00  Your Teacher: David Wolfe Access Period: 24-7, 100% Online, 365 Days Duration: 36 HD Videos and Interactive Review Quizzes – 4hrs “LIVING NUTRITION” is going to take you into the most effortless and fun path of nutrition!” Increase your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Naturally detox your cells,... Read more
The Revenue Formula – Elaine Starling
The Revenue formula $399.00 Your Teacher: Elaine Starling Access Period: 24-7, 100% Online, 365 Days Duration: 22 HD Videos and Interactive Review Quizzes – 3hrs Award-winning marketing consultant, Elaine Starling, takes you on a fun adventure inside the secret to creating a successful business and life. Each lively video module reveals important... Read more
Richard Schultz – Refreshing Beliefs Method
Refreshing Beliefs Method $349.00 Your Teacher: Richard Schultz Access Period: 24-7, 100% Online, 365 Days Duration: 51 HD Videos (4.5hrs total) and 8 Interactive Review Quizzes In this course you will learn the Refreshing Beliefs Method – a powerful, proven system that enables you to take charge of your life by reprogramming your subconscious... Read more
Living Your Dream Life – Dr. Joe Rubino
Living Your Dream Life $299.99 Your Teacher: Dr. Joe Rubino Access Period: 24-7, 100% Online, 365 Days Duration: 19 HD Videos and Interactive Review Quizzes – 3hrs Discover your most important commitments and values and live deliberately to empower your life to live in a joy filled, abundant life path. Learn the... Read more
YSF Living Inspired Soundtrack
The Living Inspired Soundtrack may be one of the most inspiring and powerful positive music soundtracks of all time. If your day isn’t heading in the direction you were hoping for, just flip on this music to chase the clouds away! Price: Coming Soon! Read more
Your Second Fifty ~ Rising Above the Myths of Aging eBook
Your Second Fifty ~ Rising Above the Myths of Aging is an exciting and informative guide to living the second fifty years of your life, passionately, positively and productively. In Your Second Fifty, Frank Moffatt tackles self-limiting beliefs and dispels unhealthy myths about aging. Let Frank be your guide... Read more
Forgive Me E-Book

Forgive Me E-Book

Store January 11, 2016

Forgive Me is a provoking and informative guide on parenting. Most parents manage from the seat of their pants and implement what they observed to get them through the day – right or wrong! In Forgive Me, Frank guides us through the use of principles when parenting and how... Read more
The Path to Happiness E-Book
The Path to Happiness is a simple yet effective guide to finding internal peace and happiness. If there is one thing all human beings have in common it’s the search for happiness, the opportunity to escape for the continuous deluge of pain that seems to arrive daily. Yet why... Read more
Keep Calm and Age On eBook
Keep Calm and Age On is a pleasant book filled with 50 inspiration Frank Moffatt quotes, and certain to put a smile on your face while adding some warmth to your heart. Price: Coming Soon! Read more