You Want Kindness In Your Life – Be Kind!
You Want Kindness In Your Life – Be Kind! The life we are living is a perfect reflection of the life we are sending... You Want Kindness In Your Life – Be Kind!

You Want Kindness In Your Life – Be Kind!

The life we are living is a perfect reflection of the life we are sending out! WHOA!!!!! I hear you belting out now. BUT hey it’s true!

If we reflected inward more often we would find the capability to see life from a perspective of understanding,n thus sparing ourselves from the turmoil and remorse created when we feel the need to judge!

So if you would like a little more happiness in your life check out the article below.


The Benefits Of Kindness

Kindness is one of those happiness paradoxes, whereby we become happier by making other people happier.

“We often are pursuing our own interests most effectively by laying them aside and serving others,” says Stefan Klein in Survival of the Nicest.

This week focuses on the benefits of being kind, but these aren’t the only benefits of a kind act. Two other groups of people can benefit, too: the recipient, of course, and the observers. That warm, fuzzy feeling or chills we get when we see a kind act is called elevation, and it’s one of the reasons kindness is so contagious.

But for now, read on to see what benefits you can expect as you cultivate kindness:

More happiness and positive emotions

As we learned in week 1, our brains love kindness – our neurological reward systems show similar activity when we win money and when the same money goes to a charity of our choice. When our romantic partners are receiving electric shocks and we comfort them by holding their arm, the brain’s reward circuitry also activates. In short, when we give, our brains looks like they are gaining something – and the pleasure we feel makes us more likely to give in the future.

Research by Elizabeth Dunn at the University of British Columbia found that people given $50 who spend it on others are happier at the end of the day than people who spend it on themselves. The same goes for a work bonus of a few thousand dollars – even though, beforehand, people say they’d much prefer to spend the money on themselves. We are even happier when we remember buying things for others than when we remember buying things for ourselves. And the more generous we are in general – the more money we spend on gifts and donations – the happier we tend to be.

So giving is pleasurable, but what about helping? It might seem easier to spend money on others than to spend time on them, but it turns out both forms of kindness make us happier. A study of more than 3,000 people found that 95% of people feel good when they help someone, 53% of people feel happier and more optimistic, and those feelings last hours or even days for 81% of people. The “helpers’ high” is a real phenomenon.

A 2001 study found that regular volunteering increases happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, and sense of control over life. And it works for young and old alike: black inner-city teens who tutor younger children have more positive attitudes toward the self, others, their education, and the future; and elderly people who volunteer are more satisfied with life…

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The Benefits Of Kindness


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