Do You Really Love Yourself? Let’s See!
Do You Really Love Yourself? Let’s See! Ask anyone and they’ll tell you they love themselves, BUT are their actions falling in line with their words? I’d venture to say that in most cases the answer would present some major separation. Because in todays world we have become so... Read more
Forgive Me E-Book

Forgive Me E-Book

Store January 11, 2016

Forgive Me is a provoking and informative guide on parenting. Most parents manage from the seat of their pants and implement what they observed to get them through the day – right or wrong! In Forgive Me, Frank guides us through the use of principles when parenting and how... Read more
The Path to Happiness E-Book
The Path to Happiness is a simple yet effective guide to finding internal peace and happiness. If there is one thing all human beings have in common it’s the search for happiness, the opportunity to escape for the continuous deluge of pain that seems to arrive daily. Yet why... Read more
Can you Forgive Yourself for Growing Older?
Can you Forgive Yourself for Growing Older? Written by: Frank Moffatt (Your Second Fifty) I wonder how many people find themselves getting frustrated, and upset with the fact they aren’t able, to accomplish the same simple tasks, that they performed with ease, when they were younger? A while back... Read more